Casper Strømgren
Casper Strømgren
+45 30517153

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Formal Education

Higher Technical Exam - HTX Roskilde
Retail - Business College Syd
Webintegrator, Grundforløb - Roskilde Tekniske Skole

Developer Jobs

2012 - Freelance
Developed complete backend and webcam functionality for campaignsite at major broadcasting company.
2013 - Co-founder, backend developer
The 3D printing community Printlymag
2013 - Developer, CygNet
Developing mostly shop implementations
2013 - Developer,
Developed as a personal learning project

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries

Just learning Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

CSS Cascading Stylesheets

Frameworks and libraries

JS JavaScript

Frameworks and libraries

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

Frameworks and libraries


Frameworks and libraries

Ruby on Rails - Website: Github:

RVM - Website:

SQL Structured Query Language


phpMyAdmin - Website:

MySQL Workbench - Website:

3D Printing

In early 2012 i started following the RepRap project closely. I've later builded my own printer, roughly following the Prusa Mendel version. I've achieved experience in both the mechanical structures, the Marlin firmware along with the Arduino IDE and the Printrun and Slic3r software.

Test printing to calibrate the bridging settings of my printer. Succeeded in bridging a 50mm gap.

Test printing The Pink Panther by Pedro Januário to calibrate overhangs and flowrate.

3D Modeling

Since 2005 i've been using SolidWorks at a hobby level. With time i've recorded several tutorial videos, showing different functionality and techniques that i've used.

So far, my tutorials has been viewed 62747 times.

Modeling a helical gear
Modeling a turbine fan
Modeling a lamp screen using sheet metals
Modeling a screwcap bottleneck